“Mama Juke is a four-part-harmony freight train just a-hummin' down the rails.”

-The Daily Country


QRO Magazine (June 2018):  "...Even more unexpected than what came before was MAMA JUKE, fronted by Unit J co-founder Eli Bridges, who brought Louisiana country-zydeco..."

The Daily Country (June 2018):  *interview*

Vents Magazine (Jan. 2018):  *interview*

Stereo Stickman (Dec. 2017):  "...Mama Juke have an incredible sound; it’s raw, it’s real, it’s beautiful and vibrant, and on top of all of this – their songs are fantastic, offering classic after classic and with every track proving to be as addictive and uplifting as the last..."

VZN Magazine (Dec. 2017):  *interview*

Manhattan Digest (Oct. 2017):  "...Mama Juke is yet another case of how a contemporary Brooklyn musical act can come off as both retrospective and modern..."

Jon's Aunt Judy (Facebook Aug. 2017): "Such a wonderful group of men!!This Aunt is oh so proud !!"

Cassie J. Yelp.com reviewer (Jan. 2017): "Come here on TUESDAYS for Mama Juke - the best band East of Broadway (in my opinion.) They have guest performers come in and play with them as well so no show is the same. Last night they did a KILLER rendition of "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green and also one time saw them coordinate a song to a tap dancer's taps. AMAZING."

upfront NY (Dec. 2016): *interview*

Queens Scene (Dec. 2016): "...With much anticipation, Mama Juke began their first song, an upbeat number that immediately had everyone’s attention, tapping their feet and bopping their heads to the beat..."

Village Voice (Nov. 2015): "...Last months show was like a party volcano...So if you missed out come this friday and get your dose of funk-bluegrass-rock and blue eyed soul..."